Mathematics A

It is required that students have a good knowledge of basic algebraic operations and of functions of one real variable and their properties. Moreover, it is expected that students can apply the mathematical tools taught in secondary school.

The goal of Mathematics A is to refresh the basics needed to understand useful mathematical techniques applied in economics and business and also to help students further developing their mathematical logic and quantitative skills. The main focus is on basic algebraic operations and functions of one real variable and their properties.

The topics of covered by Mathematics A are:

  • mathematical logic
  • sequences
  • series
  • financial mathematics
  • functions
  • exponential function
  • logarithms
  • properties of continuous functions
  • derivatives
  • limits and differentiability
  • differentials
  • rate of change
  • elasticities
  • properties of differentiable functions (extreme points, monotonicity, concavity)
  • Taylor polynomials
  • functions of two variables
  • contour lines
  • partial derivatives
  • total differentials
  • partial elasticities
  • implicit function theorem
  • homogeneous functions
  • production functions.

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