Students in economics and business should be familiar with basic mathematical techniques and comfortable with applying the corresponding mathematical tools in practice.

The book is written for students of economics and business. It presents the basic mathematical techniques and intends to help students achieve the level of understanding needed to approach the economic and business literature. The book alternates between a rigorous treatment of several topics and examples and applications.

The book also aims to assist students in further developing their mathematical logic. This is important for students to become acquainted with mathematical methods. Experience shows that for non-mathematicians the main difficulty often consists in formalizing practical problems into mathematical statements or expressions. This is a crucial step if one wishes to obtain some help from mathematics. However, the mathematical way of structuring arguments often represents a serious obstacle to non-mathematicians. Therefore, the book attempts to explain and describe verbally the logical arguments needed to derive a specific mathematical framework or expression. Also, when presenting economic applications, the book emphasizes the economic interpretation of mathematical conditions or assumptions.

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